One-off repos on systems when subscription-manager is in use?

I’ve been experimenting with Katello and Subscription-Manager on RHEL systems.

It seems that when Subscription-Manager is in use, a system will ONLY use the repositories it’s subscribed to via that and will ignore any other enabled repositories?

What would best practice be for when there are one-off repositories that only apply to a single system, do they need to be added to foreman and then assigned via content hosts?
I.E. there’s an outlier system that has a GUI installed as well as VSCode and Google Chrome repos present or for example the foreman server itself which has to enable the centos ansible 29 repo?

There is a configuration option disable_system_repos of the dnf plugin, which should default to 0 allowing repositories outside of subscription-manger, but it seems like this is switched to 1 on your systems. Toogling this setting should help you with this one-off situation.

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