Oracle ULN support for Katello / Foreman

Just want to know if there is any plan for adding Oracle ULN repo syncs to foreman / katello.

And or anyone have a tried and true example of how they have setup Oracle ULN repos.

I have had to resort to uln-repo-sync on another server to create a local mirror of specific ULN channels and then had to use that server as the upstream source url for the repo I need to import.

Its all very convoluted and would be so much simpler if ULN was added as a mirror type for repo syncs.

any tips or help would be appreciated.

We are actively working on adding the ability to synchronize Oracle ULN repositories to pulp_rpm here: Add support for synchronizing oracle repos using ULN by ThikaXer · Pull Request #1896 · pulp/pulp_rpm · GitHub

Once the above PR is merged and released, the next step is to integrate the new feature into Katello.

We have also added the ability to sync ULN repositories in our downstream product orcharhino (which is still using Pulp 2). That change was never merged upstream since Pulp 2 was approaching its end of life and was no longer accepting new features when we added it.

The related PRs are still publicly available:

However, I must caution that if you were to start using those you will not be getting any pulp 2to3 migration support for it (since that was never officially released/supported).

You can find some information on this topic here: Managing Oracle Linux Systems Guide - orcharhino documentation