OracleLinux Product Problems (pulp3)

We’ve created a Product for OracleLinux 7.9 which includes the yum repository from Oracle Linux 7 (x86_64) Update 9 | Oracle, Software. Hardware. Complete. and which is then also used as Installation Media. Unfortunately this repository doesn’t contain important files and folders for the PXE boot (like e.g. the squashfs.img) which only can be found on the OracleLinux iso.

Before pulp3 we were able to add those files manually to the directory by using e.g. the following path >> /var/lib/pulp/published/yum/http/repos/AVL/Library/custon/OracleLinux_7_9/Base

This now isn’t possible anymore and in addition it seems like it is also not possible to add folders to the existing product by using the upload button in the GUI (since it seems like it is only possible to upload real packages).

Does anyone have experience with OracleLinux installations and such issues…and has it maybe already solved?

Expected outcome:
Adding folders and files to existing (yum) products should be possible.

Foreman and Proxy versions:
Version 2.5.2

Foreman and Proxy plugin versions:

Distribution and version:
OracleLinux 7.9

Other relevant data:

I am pretty sure this was never an official “feature” of Pulp. It strikes me as more of an accident of the Pulp 2 implementation that this was ever possible. As such, it would be a major feature request to add anything like this to Pulp 3. One that raises a lot of design questions around sanity checking etc.

I recommend you start a discussion in the pulp community for now: Discussions · pulp/community · GitHub

Probably off-topic, but still related to OracleLinux: We are currently working on adding Oracle ULN support to Katello (not sure when that work will be ready though). Out of interest: Is Oracle ULN something you are using (I think it’s for paying Oracle customers only)?

Thanks for the response. I will get in contact with the pulp community.

I’m afraid we’re (currently) not using Oracle LUN.

I would be very interested in seeing ULN support for Oracle Linux downloads! Yes, I’m implementing for a heavy Oracle Linux user, and have been using ULN in Spacewalk for several years. Having ULN support directly in Katello would allow me to completely drop a host from infrastructure.

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The underlying Pulp feature was added to pulp_rpm 3.12, but we are only now getting around to integrating it with Katello as well.

@jkalchik, please note that orcharhino which is a downstream product of foreman/katello already supports ULN repos. Managing Oracle Linux Systems Guide - orcharhino documentation

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@jkalchik Just FYI, a colleague now opened a Katello PR to add ULN support: Integrate Pulp3 ULN into Katello by Manisha15 · Pull Request #9551 · Katello/katello · GitHub


@quba42 , I see that the PR has been merged, as of Aug. 26. I’ve just upgraded my home test system to Katello (Foreman 3.0.0-1,) is this really available now? And where should I be looking for the ULN feature? I don’t see anything in the HTTP product/repository screen, or anything in the hammer repository update feature, that looks like it.

According to the relevant issue, it will be included in Katello 4.3: Feature #33250: Integrate Pulp3 ULN support into Katello - Katello - Foreman

But even if you had a Katello 4.3 machine, you would not see any changes. The way the feature works, is you just create a normal RPM repository (Type = yum), and for the Upstream URL enter the ULN channel name (e.g.: uln://ovm2_2.1.1_i386_patch). You will also need to provide your ULN login credentials via the “Upstream Username” and “Upstream Password” fields. Then you should be able to sync like any other RPM repository.

Known issues currently include:

  • GUI problems when updating a ULN repo, fix is in review:
  • ULN repo syncs appear to be ignoring all HTTP proxy configuration, and therefore fail to sync when HTTP proxies are in use. (We think this is a bug in the underlying Pulp feature, but are having some trouble fixing it.)

See also, the Pulp ULN remote docs: Create, Sync and Publish a Repository — Pulp RPM Support 3.15.0 documentation

Thank you very much! I’ll be testing this as soon as 4.3 is released.

The list of people that I owe a tasty beverage to continues to grow, including @MSinghal.

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