Orale Linux - FOREMAN - Provisionning on VirtualBox

I’m looking for a tutorial … The physical machine is an HP Z240, insalled OS is Oracle Linux 7, Foreman is installed above. On the same machine, Virtualbox is installed, and I’d like to test provisionning funccionalities of Foreman over Virtualbox…
Thanks in advance,
Frédéric Nahon

Hello and welcome. I’d suggest to avoid Virtualbox for production use, your Oracle Linux comes with powerful KVM virtualization (libvirt) which can be managed with Foreman. The most recommended virtualization would be oVirt which offers enterprise-grade features like migrations, storage management and web interface.

If you insist on Virtualbox, then you can of course use it as a simple bare-metal VM pool. Read chapters 1-5 in our guide: https://docs.theforeman.org/current/doc-Provisioning_Guide/index-foreman.html to understand the concept and for instructions how to set things up (DHCP, TFTP, PXE). Get back to us with feedback on this guide!