Organization and location


I have installed foreman 1.21.
Do we have option to disable organization and location?

Can I migrate 1.19 database to 1.21?



if I remember correctly, support for disabling Organizations and Locations was dropped in 1.20, so you can not disable them anymore.
I do not completely understand your second question. Have you set up a second instance with 1.21 and want to migrate the database from one host to another?
If so, I would argue against that. Every version of Foreman has some database migrations to it. The correct workflows would be:
a) Update your existing Foreman to 1.21 and migrate the DB then (that should work afaik)
b) Install the new Server on the same version as the current one, migrate the DB, then upgrade to the version you want.
AFAIK, DB migrations to another host should work as long as you are on the same Foreman version.

BTW: Is there any particular reason you went for 1.21? The current stable Release is 1.24, with 2.0 beeing right around the corner. If you go through upgrading and migrating anyways, you should consider moving to the newest release right away. Support for 1.21 has already been dropped by now.



Thanks Areyus… Good suggestion…