Organizing Operating Systems

I somehow ended up with duplicate operating systems (in my case with Rocky Linux. I have one that is just named Rocky and another named Rocky_Linux. I’d like to consolidate but am not sure which one of the two is the one populated automatically by Foreman. I also am not sure how to move the servers from one to the other so that I can remove the OS from the list.

I have a similar issue with another OS (CentOS in this case) which I only created a top level CentOS 7 OS but would like to split by minor version. I created, for example, an entry for CentOS 7.9 but not sure if Foreman will move these automatically after a period of time or if there’s some way for me to trigger the reorganization of the OS’s.

Ok so after taking another look at this, it seems that running the following on the hosts updates the value

subscription-manager facts --update

However, for CentOS, the minor version is not picked up. Here’s an example:

root@server01:~$ subscription-manager facts | grep distribution Core CentOS Linux
distribution.version: 7
distribution.version.modifier: Unknown
root@server01:~$ cat /etc/redhat-release
CentOS Linux release 7.9.2009 (Core)