Orphaned content facets for deleted hosts

Since a couple of weeks and if I remember well after upgrading to Foreman 3.6.1 - Katello 4.8.0, I’m getting an error when publishing and/or promoting a content view. The error I get is:

Orphaned content facets for deleted hosts exist for the content view and environment. Please run rake task : katello:clean_orphaned_facets and try again!

I ran “foreman-rake katello:clean_orphaned_facets” - it produces no output so I guess nothing is getting cleaned up and the error remains. Fortunately, things work find if I use the CLI hammer commands to publish and promote so I’m not blocked. Any idea how to solve this?

I think this may be resolved by Bug #36303: Getting "NoMethodError undefined method `get_status' for nil:NilClass" when publishing content view - Katello - Foreman which is in Katello 4.8.1. Would you be able to upgrade and let us know if that fixes it?

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Upgrading to Katello 4.8.1 did the trick - thanks for pointing that out

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