Outdating mentoring projects

Hi all,

I'm cleaning house a little bit here - we have a list of potential
projects at [1] but many of them look quite outdated to me. Could we
get PRs from the people who have entries on this page to update or
delete them where necessary [2]? If there still seems to be old stuff
there in a week or so, I'll poke people directly :wink:

We probably need some new projects too. Anyone who's willing to
contribute a little time as a mentor for things like GSoc and
Outreachy would be doing a big service - and I can help with
co-ordination, of course.


[1] Foreman :: Contribute
[2] https://github.com/theforeman/theforeman.org/blob/gh-pages/mentoring.md

As an update to this, the final selection process for Outreachy is
coming up, and we might well get applicants. If your project
suggestion needs updating, or if you have new ones to suggest, now
would be a great time to get them on the website :slight_smile: