Override or modify PoolID

**Problem: I’m trying to migrate a katello version 2.4 to a 3.17, the server old server is of course deprecated, long migration work that needs to be done, but as we use the PoolIDs via Chef to register the nodes to the corresponding subscription, would it be a way to maintain the old PoolIDs?

**Foreman and Proxy versions: Foreman and foreman proxy 1.10.4, on new instance running latest stable version.

Besides the migration part trying to setup a recipe to use within Chef to automatically generate those repositories/subscriptions, the problem is that the poolID is always random so would require the value in the nodes policies to modify all the time (or have a convoluted pipeline to update the poolID based on the subscription name). Is there any way to override or set the PoolID to a specific one when subscriptions are created?


Hi @nico_arg,

The Pool ID’s aren’t customizable unfortunately. One possible alternative is to use activation keys to set subscriptions on the server side. Or use Simple Content Access if you’re a Red Hat customer.

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