Override value of smart class parameter of perticular host

Hello Team,

Is there any possibility to get puppet smart class parameter override value if it has been overrides into host level?

Do we have any API to get value of that parameter?


not sure if I understand your question correctly, but I think you are looking for GET /api/smart_class_parameters/:smart_class_parameter_id/override_values endpoint. This returns all overrides for a certain smart class parameter as JSON array containing one hash per override. Filtering that JSON by the match parameter in the hashes with something (warning: pseudo code ahead!)

array.each | override |
if override.match.starts_with "fqdn="

could take you somewhere.


Hi Areyus,

Thanks for your reply.

I donot want to get the override value from puppet class parameter api but from host section of parameters. Becuase sometime user override value only specific to that host.
I can get these value as externalNode by clicking YAML Option in the forman under hosts. But I want to access these as api .

I hope you understood now the problem.

The ENC endpoint in the API does that.

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Hi ekohl,

Thans alot…

Now I should improve my searching techniques.actually I was searching as externalNode Classifier. I should have serached as enc… :wink: