Package conflict between tracer and Openshift 3.11

I know this is technically not a Foreman/Katello problem, I just want to ask if anybody else has already encountered this problem and maybe can provides a better workaround than just removing tracer.

We are currently facing a package conflict between tracer from EPEL and python tools provides by RedHat Openshift 3.11 repos. The tracer packages requires python2-setuptools, but the Openshift RPM of python-setuptools just provides python-setuptools, not python2-setuptools. This leads to our Openshift servers breaking at yum update.

Expected outcome:
We can update our Openshift servers without breaking dependencies.

Foreman and Proxy versions:
Should not be relevant

Foreman and Proxy plugin versions:
Should not be relevant

Other relevant data:
The version of python-setuptools provided by Openshift is newer than the one provided by RedHat Server (which would provide the correct requiremants). We are currently also filing a bug report with RedHat, but I hope someone might know a workaround until this gets dealt with from RedHat.