Package update list for clients no longer being updated

Today I did a simple yum update on my katello host (the usual, monthly patches etc). And now I see that package lists (updates) for clients are no longer being updated. For example, host “fred” shows 12 updates. I do the updates… it finds them, updates them. But katello does not register that the host has been updated, and the 12 packages are still shoing up as not having been installed (updated).

I am running Katello 3.17

in the list of rpms updated on the katello host, I do see some pulp rpms were updated.

Do I need some kind of foreman-rake command to fix this, or… I welcome any ideas.

“yum check-update” on the clients has no effect on the updates-needed totals anymore.

Interesting. I rebooted and restarted services, some of the clients that had done updates now show properly. A few still do not. I’m going to wait until after the weekend and monitor. MIGHt be a non-issue.

Confirmed, non-issue. Chalk it off to an impatient sysadmin,

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