Permissions for avitova on redmine


please welcome Anna Vítová as @avitova in the Foreman community. Anna joined Red Hat internship this month as a Brno university student. Anna is a passionate chess player and she already got her first commit merged in smart-proxy, congratulations!

I hereby request raising Redmine permissions to engineering level for avitova, thanks @mcorr or @tbrisker

Her nickname’s avitova as well as redmine and bugzilla account and Red Hat email. Welcome to the Foreman community!


Has this been resolved? Please ping me directly if not.

I can’t check at the moment, redmine does not show me any reasonable information and I have no permissions to list users. I am asking Anna to check later.

I am able to assign myself any issue or edit it. My permissions are different than before so I guess it has already been resolved.

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