Peroformance/Metrics - parallel provisioning


Please can you help me to understand some metrics about provisioning
performance, I'm interested how many servers satellite can build in
parallel and if i am just limited by network bandwidth for pushing out OS
packages etc. Does anyone have any experience pushing out a high number of
builds at the same time?

The installation asks for :

  • A minimum of two CPU cores, but four CPU cores are recommended.
  • A minimum of 8 GB memory but ideally 12 GB of memory for each instance
    . Use 4 GB of swap space where possible.

Does increasing any of these have an any affect on the performance of
provisioning? I did read somewhere about how many puppet agents/classes
that can be supported but need to find the info again.

  1. Are there any automation options that may help with the creation of New
    host etc for provisioning? Is this available via the API or hammer for
    example? Does this work as expected?
  2. What memory/disk/cpu/network bandwidth performance metrics can you
    supply and how does this relate to the number of concurrent kickstart
    installs that can be supported?
  3. What options are there for tuning if any?
  4. Is there a batch build or some sort of schedule build feature so build
    can be configure at a set time without manual setup?
  5. Do you have any further recommendations about how we can cater for the
    load/batch run of server builds? Can the system handle multiple
    installation at the same time on a large scale?

much appreciated