Plans for Debian 11 (Bullseye) support


I’ve seen some forums topics mentioned that there are plans for Debian 11 (Bullseye) support, however nothing specific was announced since Bullseye stable came out.

Can anyone shed some light on this topic? I’m very interested in following the progress of Debian 11 support and even testing foreman-installer on Debian Bullseye.

There’s been little progress on this. AFAIK there’s no real blocker other than a lack of time. I’m hoping we can get to this in the 3.2 development cycle.

@ekohl thank you for the update. I hope you will be able to add Debian Bullseye support to 3.2 development cycle.

Where I work, we’ve already stopped deploying Debian 10 since it’ll reach EOL in 2 years, while Bullseye offers support until August 2026.

I’ve started working on this. Expect packages soon :slight_smile:

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So, uh, I built most of the packages. But there seems to be no puppetserver for Bullseye yet, and deploying w/o Puppet is not well working :frowning:

Debian 11 ships with puppet-master package. If you are referring to puppetserver package from the upstream repo, then yeah, it’s definitely missing :slightly_frowning_face:

I was unable to find any info why is there no puppetserver package in the upstream repo or when will it be available. Too bad the Puppet core team’s office hours were yesterday. I could’ve asked the question there. Next one is in two weeks time. I’ll ask around in the meantime.

Yeah, I don’t think our installer is capable of using the Debian-packaged Puppet, plus it’s 5.x which we don’t support anymore.

FTR, if I deploy Debian 11 (Bullseye) with Puppet Buster repos enabled (so both puppet-agent and puppetserver come from their Buster repository) things work just fine.

It doesn’t work (I get a (LoadError) libfacter was not built with JRuby support error when starting puppetserver) if I mix puppet-agent from Bullseye and puppetserver from Buster.

And just for further reference, the Bullseye Puppetserver support is tracked in

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Thank you for finding this. I’ve upvoted the issue and subscribed myself to it.

Woo-hoo! PuppetDB and Puppetserver are finally packaged for Debian 11 :beers:

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Indeed, we’ve just merged the docs to nightly to document that Foreman 3.2 will run on Debian 11.