Plugin authors: Rubocop update incoming

An update of Rubocop is planned, as Hound gained support that version recently. Some of the existing cops find more issues now, so your plugin rubocop runs might break. Usually this should be fixed easily by running rubocop --auto-correct, at least in a setup similar to the one we run on the CI (which means, the plugin re-uses the core config).


Thanks so much for posting this, i went ahead and opened up a katello

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Thanks, I’ve updated bootdisk and remote execution plugins.

The updated version has been merged into core, meaning plugins that haven’t been updated yet will likely see tests starting to fail. Please make sure your plugin is updated to match the core rubocop version.

Why do we (still) have this dependency?

To be honest, I think this is the correct way, but the answer itself is “Because it was designed back then like this”.

IMHO, either a plugin has to use the same lint/test/build/packaging infrastructure as core does, or it needs to decouple itself more, perhaps also having it’s own RPM/DEB repos.

The other possibility I see would be to have more freedom for plugins to define their own Jenkins jobs, but after having some bad experiences with different “external” plugins regarding packaging and development workflow am not a big fan of this anymore.