Plugin Maintainers Action Required - Request to extract strings


This is the reminder for all plugin maintainers to extract updated strings for plugins. This will make sure translators get the latest strings to work on for Foreman 2.4 release.

Thank You!


Has anything changed recently @tbrisker ? Discovery no longer works:

[lzap@box foreman_discovery]$ cat .tx/config 
host =

file_filter = locale/<lang>/foreman_discovery.edit.po
source_file = locale/foreman_discovery.pot
source_lang = en
type = PO
[lzap@box foreman_discovery]$ tx -d pull
tx DEBUG: Path to tx is /home/lzap/work/foreman_discovery.
tx DEBUG: Config file is /home/lzap/work/foreman_discovery/.tx/config
tx DEBUG: .transifexrc file is at /home/lzap
tx DEBUG: Handling resource foreman.discovery
tx DEBUG: Language mapping is: Flipdict({})
tx DEBUG: URL data are: {'host': '', 'project': 'foreman', 'resource': 'discovery'}
tx ERROR: Not Found
tx DEBUG: Resource not found, creating...
tx ERROR: Not Found
tx ERROR: Resource foreman.discovery doesn't exist on the server.
tx INFO: Done.

Ok I’ve figured that someone has renamed discovery resource to foreman_discovery. So changing this to:


resolved the problem.

Apologies! I missed to raise PR against discovery after this change.
I made this change to have unified naming convention across all resources so its easy to program push and pull of translations.

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