[Plugin maintainers] HEADS UP: upcoming Rails 5.2 upgrade


We are planning to upgrade Foreman core develop branch to Rails 5.2 next Thursday, September 6th.
This means that any plugin that has not been updated to work with 5.2 will break against the development branch. Changes needed in most plugins are minimal to none, please see What you should know regarding Rails 5.2.0 and Foreman for further information (and update your status in the main post if you wish to share).

Please let me know if there are any concerns regarding this change or if you need assistance in fixing your plugin.

Thanks for the heads-up. Is there a core branch I can test with currently?



This has now been merged in Foreman core. We expect some instability with nightlies until all SCL issues are sorted out. Please make sure your plugins continue to function after the upgrade and reach out if you need any assistance updating them.