Possible issue after migration of primary NIC (undefined method `to_enc')

Hello Foreman devs,

if you are using nightlies or develop branch and you update regularly you
might encounter issue during generating of ENC. The exception would look
similar to:

undefined method `to_enc' for #<Nic::Base:xxx>

We fixed existing migration so you have to fix you DB manually. It's easy from
rails console, you can use following command

Nic::Base.where(:type => ['Nic::Base', nil]).all.each {|n| n.type =
'Nic::Managed'; n.save!}

You can find more info related to this in redmine issue [1]. If you didn't
updated between Dec 27th - Feb 8th you should be good.

Sorry for inconvenience.

[1] Bug #9198: undefined method `to_enc' for #<Nic::Base:xxx> after migrating from older DB - Foreman

ยทยทยท -- Marek