Possible to export SCAP reports?

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Foreman 3.2.1 SCAP plugin 1.0
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Is it possible to export the data in any sort of usable format such as html, xml or csv? We have a use case scenario that would make this a nice to have feature. Providing the reports to our compliance team is an ongoing process here. Thanks!

Hello, yes this is possible. Navigate to the ARF report detail page. In the top right corner, you can see the “Download xml in bzip” and “Download HTML” buttons. If you want to automate this, you can easily use the CLI, e.g.

hammer arf-report download --id 11449 --path /tmp/
hammer arf-report download-html --id 11449 --path /tmp/

Note that the html is always rendered live so it can put your Foreman instance under a stress if you do it for a lot of reports at the same time.

Hope that helps.

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Thanks for the quick reply!

I am not seeing the buttons you describe. All I see is the button to delete reports.

Second, “Error: No such sub-command 'arf-report” is noted when trying to get the report via CLI. What is the hammer command needed? I’ve noticed the commands for hammer do change a bit depending on which version of foreman you are running.


Click on the reported at information to get into the report detail page. This is how it looks like

For the CLI, you need to install the hammer plugin for the openscap. The best way is to run foreman-installer --enable-foreman-cli-openscap

Understood but my report detail page does not have those same buttons. Why is that?

Could you upload a screenshot please? Are you visitting the page under the admin user (perhaps you’re missing some permissions)?

Also I guess you have a newer version right? Version 1.0 probably didn’t have these buttons :slight_smile:

Here are my screenshots. I am visiting the page as an admin user. I think I may have listed the wrong version (as 1.0) based on the plugin documentation page.

The system GUI says : administer>about>plugins tab - foreman_openscap Foreman plug-in for managing security compliance reports slukasik@redhat.com 5.2.1

ARF Report1

ARF Report2

I see. You clicked on the Full Report instead of the reported at. Click on the link marked as a red rectangle, don’t click on the button marked as green rectangle

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That’s it! You pointed me to the correct area to click on and now I see the buttons you reference.


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