Postgres version enquiry


I want to find out what version of postgres is required for Foreman 2.5.
Also if someone can also advise me do we have a chat or End Of Life of Foreman/Katello so I can make decision if we want to move forward with upgrade.

Want to clarify in more detail.
What i want to find is at what point the errata for certain version of foreman/katello stops, i.e. complete out of support.
Please advise me or provide me a chart just what we would normally find for Redhat satellite server.

Foreman has a major release (e.g. 2.4, 2.5) every 3 months, with minor releases (e.g. 2.5.1) released as needed in each version’s lifetime. We support the last two releases, with the latest release (2.5 at the time of writing) getting most bugfixes and the older release (2.4 at the time of writing) getting mostly security or high-severity bug fixes. This means that each release is considered supported for approximately 6 months from the initial GA. Please also take into account that support for Foreman is community-based and not commercial-level support (i.e. there is no SLA for issue resolution, depending on the issue and community members’ availability you may get quick responses or you may get none).

If you require a longer support timeframe or enterprise-grade support, I would recommend considering one of the commercial offerings based on Foreman.

With regards to the supported PostgreSQL version, we require version 10 or greater, but version 12 is recommended as that is the version set up by the installer and used in our testing.