Posting picture in this forum?

Not able to past picture in a topic.

Expected outcome:
Hoping to be able just copy and paste screenshot of an issue.
Foreman and Proxy versions:

Foreman and Proxy plugin versions:

Distribution and version:

Other relevant data:

This is granted by earning Basic trustlevel which requires some activity.

We might consider loosing this setting if possible for new users who want to show something. Until we get some spam, we could try this. @mcorr what you think?

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We are prone to receiving spam, so I would be hesitant to remove this feature. Would it be a bad idea to upload the screens using an image sharing site and then share the link here?

I think this restriction is kind of strict just to prevent spam. I have been in this forum about one year,mostly lurking around. So I don’t accumulate enough postings. Just an IMHO.

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Looking at the defaults and the spam we receive, it might be ok to lower it from 5 to 3 and see how that goes. The spammers I’ve seen usually were blocked very quickly after their first post.

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OK, long term lurker :slight_smile: I have upped your trust level so you can upload screens.
I will discuss this issue and see about changing it globally.


I think if we edit the new post template and add information about uploading images for new users, this is a good workflow. We rarely see this case so we could just ask the users to ask for bumping trust levels manually.

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