PR merged to Foreman develop broke Katello PRs

I got a few pings about broken Katello PR tests as they are blocking developers. I wanted to make folks aware that this is due to a change merged to Foreman core that had broken Katello tests flagged against it (note 107 failures). I am not sure if this is simply a testing breakage, or code breakage and/or limited to only Katello. The PR in question:

@Marek_Hulan @lzap @Partha_Aji

I have reverted the core PR.

Thanks for the revert Tomer. Sorry about that, this was not intentional. I simply missed the red color. If I say I am colorblind would you trust me? :wink:

I wish discovery had this privilege too, the day before I spent two hours fixing broken develop tests there. I have to admit there are much less devs affected when this happens and it was just about 10 tests broken.

@marek_hulan please file a new one along with Katelo PR if needed.

JFYI Poposal: Remove codeclimate from core