PR-processor changes


  • Use [WIP] at the start of your PR subject to disable messages about incorrect commit messages
  • Not yet reviewed is removed on approvals
  • Directory-based labels are applied to community-templates

Longer version:

Today we’ve deployed a new version of the PR-processor.

Many of us have Work In Progress PRs where we just append changes for review until we’re happy - then we squash it all into neat commits. Until the squashing, theforeman-bot will spam like crazy. With #72 merged you can now prefix your PR with [WIP] to disable the message. It will fail the build but not post a message.

#78 ensures the Not yet reviewed label is removed when an approval review is given. This is similar to what we already did on requests for changes.

#55 applies labels based on the directories in community-templates. Right now it’s just Provisioning and Remote execution but the configuration is flexible which top level directories map to which labels. Sub-directories are not supported. (A similar change for Deb/RPM labels in foreman-packaging is on my wishlist.)

As always: please report any issues you see.

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