Printing detailed logs for failed tests and minitest retry


our test suite was previously printing Rails log including SQL log for each failed test. I’ve added this feature myself, but I find it noisy actually and changed my mind. So this behavior is now opt-in via ENV vars:

  • PRINT_TEST_LOGS_ON_FAILURE - print Rails logs on failure
  • PRINT_TEST_LOGS_ON_ERROR - print Rails logs on test error
  • PRINT_TEST_LOGS_SQL - print ActiveRecord (SQL) logs (very verbose)

Additionally, it is also possible to set retry count for minitest, this was driving me crazy too:

  • MINITEST_RETRY_COUNT - Minitest::Retry count (set to 1 to disable)

On Jenkins, I think the reasonable thing to do is to enable PRINT_TEST_LOGS_ON_FAILURE and PRINT_TEST_LOGS_ON_ERROR. Can someone guide me how do I enable this for core and plugin tests?