Problem between Katello nightly (installed with setup.rb) and SELinux?

I have recently been attempting to get a nightly build of Katello installed
using the "katello-deploy' method [1], using the "setup.rb" Ruby script.

The environment in which I have been doing this is:

  • RHEL 7.1 running in VirtualBox on a laptop.
  • Bridged networking, allowing access to the Red Hat CDN.

My installation procedure has been:

  1. Do basic RHEL 7.1 installation.
  2. Connect to the RHEL host via SSH.
  3. Run the following command as 'root':
    "subscription-manager register --username USER --password PASSWORD
  4. Follow the instructions in the "Deployment" section at [1], running
    "./setup.rb" to get the nightly build.

Of 4 installation attempts, the result each time was essentially the same:
the installation would proceed to 99% without any errors or warnings, then
would close with several instances of the following error message:
Could not evaluate: Proxy cannot be registered (Could
not load data from

In desperation, I disabled SELinux with the command "sudo setenforce 0",
then re-ran "katello-installer", after which the installer reported 100%

Does anyone know why these might conflict? Does the SELinux policy need to
be amended?

My latest attempts were conducted on Tuesday, 2 February 2016.