Problem to create a Smart proxy


I’m facing an issue with the creation of a smart proxy through the Foreman UI.

I’m having this error :

  • Unable to communicate with the proxy: ERF12-2530 [ProxyAPI::ProxyException]: Unable to detect features ([RestClient::Exceptions::OpenTimeout]: Timed out connecting to server) for proxy https://server:8443/v2/features
  • Please check the proxy is configured and running on the host.

It is strange because everything looks fine on the smart proxy server.
The telnet is working from the Master server to the proxy server. The commande “curl https://worker05-pic-pr.phys.perf:8443/features” is working.

But, curl https://worker05-pic-pr.phys.perf:8443/v2/features is not. The results is “could not read client cert from environment”.

How can I make Foreman to check https://worker05-pic-pr.phys.perf:8443/features instead of https://worker05-pic-pr.phys.perf:8443/v2/features ?

Thanks in advance for your help :slight_smile:


The version 2 side is using client side certificates which are also used during normal operation. Using the old version sadly won’t save you. I would have a look at any proxy in between.

I assume you manually changed the URL to server instead of the domain, otherwise it’s obviously the source of the error :slight_smile: