**Problem:** unable to login LDAP bind account password has changed, how can i login with admin level

Our foreman is bound to ldap for user access but the account passowrd has changed, so we need to get into Foreman and change this password

There should be a local admin user available by default.
If you have not changed that user or it’s pasword after installation, you can look it up in /etc/foreman-installer/scenarios.d/foreman-answers.yaml (if you have katello, it should be in katello-answers.yaml instead). The values to look for are initial_admin_username and initial_admin_password.
If you did change those and cannot find the information, you can use foreman-rake permissions:reset as root on the Foreman server to reset it’s password. Take a look at foreman-rake -D permissions:reset for additional options in case you renamed the admin user.

Hi, my problem has now changed, I had to change the password used in LDAP to BIND, which has been working previously, so I have changed it in our LDAP domain, and a can login to that account so Know the password is ok, then I have changed the password via the Foreman GUI but now when I try to login to foreman I am getting a bind error against the BIND account