Problems with Foreman + dhcp


I have a fresh installation of Foreman 1.24 in CentOS 7.7. I followed the instructions of for CentOS 7 and I hadn’t problems.

I installed dhcp module in puppet with: puppet module install theforeman-dhcp --version 5.1.0

dhcp installed without problems.

I imported the dhcp class and assigned to foreman host.

The problem resides when I executed “puppet agent --test”

Expected outcome:

Foreman and Proxy versions:

Foreman and Proxy plugin versions:

Distribution and version:
CentOS 7.7

Other relevant data:

What are you trying to achieve? Foreman itself is managed by our own puppet modules installed from RPM packages. @ekohl

In the installer we do configure some things for DHCP

It tries to configure a subnet based on an interface. This is because ISC DHCPd will refuse to start up if no subnets have been defined. If you’re managing it by yourself via the ENC, you need to take care of this yourself. The module’s README has some information but that’s mostly focused at writing a profile module. Sadly we also haven’t spent much time at documenting the options.

The short version is that you should use the pools option to define a subnet. The options are name => dhcp::pool. Looking at it, subnet would have been a better name.

Patches to puppet-dhcp are highly welcome, in particular documentation.

Finally, we finished the installation and configuration correctly. The problem resides in configuration of subnet.

Thanks for all.