Problems with foreman discovery


> When we boot a server from* PEX and load it to discovery image, then
> find it in
discovery hosts* in foreman web page, dhcp records already
> exists after we summit all these. The following error comes out after we
> click ack and then overwrite.

it looks like your DHCP server already "knows" about the machine you are
trying to discovery. That is the reason for the "Overwrite" button. It
is expected that you add new hardware which is unknown, therefore

> undefined method `boot_filename' for nil:NilClass

This error usually mean that your operating system is not configured
right. What OS type you have associated with the OS selected for the

> I find a similar case in #5701) , but no
> solution's been given, pls help us to solve it, thanks a lot!!

Okay this is outstanding bug which Greg was not able to reproduce. Greg
can you take look on this one? It must be some deface weirdness.

··· -- Later, Lukas #lzap Zapletal