Problems with PXE and Kickstart


  1. How can i setup Foreman/Katello on a system with 2 Interfaces (2 separate Subnets/VLAN) to only let systems install via a specific interface(eth0, ?
    I have already defined eth0 als foreman-proxy-dhcp-interface as parameter for forman-installer and defined the dhcp-proxy-gateway and range
  2. initrd.img and vmlinuz are 0 byte -> no boot
    i replaced both files with the ones from the centos 7.4 image but now i get errors fetching the kickstart

**Expected outcome:being able to install system on a specific LAN Subnet

**Foreman and Proxy versions:1.20.1

**Foreman and Proxy plugin versions:Katello 3.10

Other relevant data:
for the 2nd issue i’m getting this error in the proxy.log:
2019-01-18T08:55:58 0a888188 [E] Failed to retrieve provision template for {“token”=>“1be9bc1b-74e7-48ac-bacf-4c8781c48daf”, “splat”=>, “captures”=>[“provision”], “kind”=>“provision”}: Error retrieving provision for {“token”=>“1be9bc1b-74e7-48ac-bacf-4c8781c48daf”, :url=>“http://vm8109.muc.baag:8000”} from vm8109.muc.baag: Net::HTTPNotFound
i assume , that the url should be changed to the IP where the installation should take place on


Multi-interface Foreman setup is tricky and undocumented. I recommend not to do that, setup another smart-proxy in all subnets you want to maintain that’s easier path.

404 is thrown if you deleted the host or token has expired. Exit and enter build mode again, it defaults to 6 hours.