Proposal to give Nofar access to shared secrets


@nofaralfasi has been managing the community here for quite some time, but currently lacks access to our shared secrets storage (and thus to e.g. our social media accounts) [on the other hand, I am sure she has access to accounts not currently documented in our storage].

I would hereby propose to give Nofar access to the shared secrets.
Yes, those technically contain more than just the social media ones, but I’d prefer not to fragment the storage even more and trust Nofar with “the keys to the kingdom”.

Love to hear your Yay/Nay/OtherSolutions until the 7th of August.


Thank you Evgeni, I greatly appreciate the proposal. I promise to use it wisely for the community’s benefit :slight_smile:

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There haven’t been any objections, and I am back from PTO, so I will ensure Nofar gets access to the secrets this week.

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this is done now.