Proposal to give Odilon access to the release keys

In Proposal to add Odilon to the packaging team we gave @Odilhao permission to build packages, but he still can’t do full releases on his own, as he’s missing the keys to do so.

The last three weeks were full of releases and Odilon was a great help, I’d like him to be able to do all the things on his own.

Please note: this will also give him SSH access to the infra (as that’s where we store the secrets). I think that’s OK. Please speak up if you disagree.


:+1: but I think we should also give Jenkins access since it’s needed to do releases.


create a user Odilhao in Jenkins
give that user admin permissions
add ssh key for Odilhao by evgeni · Pull Request #1634 · theforeman/foreman-infra · GitHub
add user Odilhao to users::users in Foreman
add user Odilhao to secretsgit::users in Foreman

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of course, this is not a wiki, so I can’t edit the post above.

but all items done.

now I just need to re-encrypt the release keys to @Odilhao’s GPG key and we’re good.

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I have also added Odilhao to the Release Engineering team in Github which gives access to theforeman-rel-eng.git.


And to close this out, Odilon now has access to the release keys and can decrypt those :slight_smile: