Provisioning issue

I am fairly new to foreman.
Using katello 2.4, I installed foreman, created product repositories for
CenOS 7.
Installation kicksoff fine. It pulls the templates OK but as it starts
installing the OS, it stops with errors:
"The following software marked for installation has errors. This is likely
caused by an error with your installation source"

Operating System and Installation Media was pre-created when I synched
CentOS repositories from mirror list.

VM installation console prints "VirtualBox_test_foreman_provision-1.png"
capture first then "VirtualBox_test_foreman_provision-2.png"

Any ideas?

Thank you

> Any ideas?

You are missing repos, you are likely installing from an incomplete
repository. Make sure you don't install from DVD, but from OS kickstart

Also missing EPEL is sometimes a problem (e.g. puppet client).

··· -- Later, Lukas #lzap Zapletal

I ended up reinstalling the foreman/katello server.
Re-created centos7 repos.
This time around I also created a content view and published it as opposed to just using default library while creating a new host to provision.

I had other issues with domain creation and adding created domain to new host to be built but at the end was able to get it to work.

Thank you