Provisioning new host, new to foreman

Good afternoon
Im new to foreman and I need a little bit more of help to provision a new host for a project Im working on, the system is a little to complex for me now.
Well to the point now…
When trying to create a new host there is an opction of “Deploy on” now is only showing me “Bare Metal” but Im wanting to use Virtualbox or VMware, from som videos that I saw and I dont understand how to get does options.
The OS tab I manage to configure and I think is working properly.
On the interface tab, when editing the interface I notice in some videos that by selecting a domain the ipv4 subnet change automatically, I assume that Ineed to configure a new subnet and Im having trouble creating a new one because my undertanding net working is not so good.
Im kind of running out of time and using all of my free time in this so I am now writing on the forum for a little help.
And I think thats everything.
Im looking foward for your answer and thank you.

Hi @fkallsen and welcome to the Foreman community!

You will need to enable the Foreman VMware plugin. See Provisioning Virtual Machines in VMware vSphere in Foreman documentation.