Provisioning not finding hosts by ip/mac

Perhaps check that you have "kssendmac" on the kernel line in your
pxelinux menus. This sends the MAC address as an HTTP header in the
kickstart request, so Foreman can identify it by this.

··· On 13/03/13 18:46, Trey Ormsbee wrote: > Hello all, > > Ive been using foreman a little over a year and a day or two ago > provisioning stopped working for me (with the release of centos 6.4). I > have a small block of ip's in dhcp for provisioing and it appears, all > of a sudden, this is now an issue. > > Simply put the ip I put into foreman for a host is not part of the dhcp > scope, and foreman does not update my dhcp server. As part of the > kickstart I have always assigned the ip in foreman statically. > > Im not sure what has happened or what has changed but with centos 6.4 > (and oddly enough even 6.3, now) the provision url does not work during > kickstart. > > This is in the production log: > > Started GET "/unattended/provision" for at Wed Mar 13 13:43:19 > -0500 2013 > Processing by UnattendedController#provision as > Host Load (0.7ms) SELECT `hosts`.* FROM `hosts` WHERE `hosts`.`ip` = > '' LIMIT 1 > unattended: unable to find a host that matches the request from > Completed 404 Not Found in 2ms > > > is the dhcp address, the foreman ip is Maybe it > was never supposed to work like this but the setup I describe has been > working for over a year up until this point.

Dominic Cleal
Red Hat Engineering