Provisioning not happening automatically

When a host is discovered and registered into Foreman, it did not get provisioned automatically. I have enabled auto-provisioning, there is only default org and location, and the Discovery Rule works on the host because when I manually clicked Auto Provisioning, the host got provisioned.
Expected outcome:
Host is automatically provisioned instead of needing to click on the provisioning button in the interface.
Foreman and Proxy versions:
Foreman and Proxy plugin versions:
Distribution and version:

Other relevant data:

This sounds as a bug. Could you please better specify your foreman and foreman_discovery version? There’s no 2.14. You can find it under Administer -> About page (see Plugins tab for discovery version). @lzap @dmatoulek does this sound familiar?

Under the Smart Proxies tab the version is 2.1.4.
Under the Plugins tab foreman-discovery is 16.1.2

I see one change that may be related in 16.3.0, although you say you only use default org and loc. I’d first try upgrading to the newest versions of Foreman ans plugins, your Foreman is generally unsupported already. You can also enable debug logging and watch production.log while the machines is discovered. If you upload the log here, perhaps it will reveal why the auto-provisioning does not happen.

Can you share more info? What search condition do you have in your rule?

Can you pastebin transaction of the discovery process with debug turned on? Use grep to filter out according to the request id in production.log.