Provisioning setup not working

I’m was having an issue with Infrastructure>Provisioning setup option not appearing. After a reboot, the option appeared, but on the second step (where you enter the subnet information) nothing happens when I hit submit, to move onto Step 3. It doesn’t error out; it just kicks me back to the top of the page with the cursor in the subnet name box. I do not currently have a subnet configured, so there is no conflict there.

Which Foreman version do you use? In the current releases there is no “Provisioning” link under “Infrastructure”

I am using version 1.16, which was installed using the 1.19 version of the foreman-installer using the --foreman-dynflow-in-core=false option.

This might be related, the 1.19 installer should be used to install version 1.19 of foreman, not 1.16 - not sure how you managed to do that, but 1.16 isn’t supported any more.

That’s not what I was told in the IRC chat room. I was told the 1.19 installer would work, as long as I used the option mentioned. The installer completes without error and the webGUI lets me login, so it’s working to an extent…I just don’t see the Infrastructure>Provisioning Setup option. It doesn’t make sense that every other option seems to be present, except that one.

The installer version should match the foreman version being installed, otherwise you may get odd results. Why are you installing an old unsupported version of foreman anyways?
The foreman-setup plugin was last updated about a year ago, so i have no idea if it’s compatible with recent releases or not. Are you sure the plugin was installed correctly?

I’m using an older version, because I don’t have the luxury of working on a system that has internet access. The internal repos at work have foreman_1.16, so that’s what I’m using. It’s bad enough that I had to track down multiple ruby dependencies, because there doesn’t seem to be a definitive list of rpm’s for offline installs, now a single but important piece is not fully functional.

I accidentally mischaracterized my issue before. The Provisioning Setup option appears in the drop-down menu; it just won’t proceed past the second step (when you enter the subnet info).

When you use 1.16. from the internal repos why did you install via 1.19. installer ? Doesn’t make sense to me not using the 1.16. installer then. Or am I mistaken?