Provisioning UEFI Host

I’m trying to configure Foreman to provision uefi servers under Debian and Ubuntu. I am using Foreman in 2.5 with Smart-Proxy DHCP and TFTP on the same host. My tree structure is as follows:
/ srv / tftp
| -------- boot
| -------- grub
| -------- grub2
| -------- pxelinux.cfg
When I generate the host, the grub.cfg is not created.
I don’t see what I missed …
Thanks to you.

Te config file is created under pxelinux.cfg.
I need help for configure the TFTP with uefi, please.

Well grub.cfg is created only when you click on Build PXE templates.

When you create a host with PXEGrub2 associated template, you will see grub2/grub.cfg-MAC_ADDRESS file created. Similarly for PXELinux, Grub1 or iPXE (different paths/names).

Thanks for the reply.
When I click on Build, the file is not created. When I can Boot, I have this message:

Associate Grub2 template with the operating system you selected.

The template is one PXEGrub2 Template

Check if the template belongs to the hosts organization and location. If not, host will not use it and Foreman will skip deploying it.