Provisioning using (image based) VMWare Templates

Hi sher
As I mentioned earlier the ONLY difference between a template and vm is
the file extension. Change the Vm file extension in the data store from vmx
to vmtx and it's a template. Must be possible to do this as an extra step
in the packer post provisioning process I just haven't had the need to.
The tricky bit is getting the customisation spec to work, after that you
won't need to generate new Vm templates too often.
Btw foreman doesn't care whether it's a vm or vm template since it's doing
a clone anyway. Foreman provisioning works the same either way.

··· On Monday, 9 November 2015, Sher Chowdhury wrote:

Hi Abir

Interesting stuff. I forgot to mention that I only tried this with linux
6.7 so far. Haven’t tried it with Linux 7 yet.

Also with respects to packer, from what I can see, packer doesn’t create
vmware templates, it just creates a normal vm. By the way, one of the last
steps I do in my packer build is delete the file
/etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-{interface-name}. Maybe a future
release of packer might add in this template creation capability.

Since I have converted my packer stuff into a jenkins job, I then created
a new downstream jenkins job to convert the newly generated vm into a
template using a powershell/powercli.

I’ll report back my findings on how I get on with Linux 7.1, when I
eventually get round to doing it.

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