Proxy never adding new DNS Records when node is built / added


Whenever I try to deploy a host, or add a new one; no new DNS record is
This has worked in the past, but I cannot say precisely when the problem

I use Foreman 1.5.1 with Puppet 3.6.2 on Ubuntu 14.04.

I have tried and checked the following:

  • All hosts have the same problem
  • Configuration unchanged prior to problem, did a doublecheck on config
  • the rndc.key used for DDNS is correct and I manually used ot and
    nsupdate to update my zones
  • Logtailing reveals that no call to API is made to create DNS record
  • TFTP, DHCP… work fine
  • The Proxy ports are open (8443)

IIf any other information is required, or advice on how I continue
troubleshooting please drop a message and I'll get right too it.

Does your Smart Proxy still have the DNS feature according to the
Foreman UI? If so, is it assigned to the appropriate Subnets and
Domains on the Subnet#edit and Domain#edit pages?