Pulp does not generate correct repodata for content view

We are running katello v3.14, and we recently onboarded redhat 8 repositories. When publishing the content view, pulp is not linking all available packages to the published version. This leads to lots of packages failed on the client side.

I have tried to regenerate the metadata for repositories.and the published content-view, remove all package filters for the content view, but nothing helps. And this issue only appears for the new enabled rhel8 repos.

Expected outcome:
All synced packages are available through published content views.

Foreman and Proxy versions:

Distribution and version:
the katello server is running on redhat 7.7

This looks like a version of katello that uses pulp2.
Would you mind including the versions of pulp and pulp-rpm?

Is it possible, that the “not linked packages” are part of a module stream?

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Yes this version is still using pulp2:

The missing packages are not part of a module stream, they seems quite random to me.

What do you mean by:

Are the packages missing from the published metadata, does it fail to symlink those files correctly?

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Even though we can find this package inside the repodata, but the actual rpm is not published/linked to the content view dir:

cannot find the rpm linked to this published CV version

root@katello:/var/lib/pulp/published/yum/https/repos/OG/content_views/DEPLOYCV/58.0/content/dist/rhel8/8/x86_64/appstream/os# find . -name “redhat-lsb-core

return 0 result

The package info is available in repodata for the same content view.

root@katello:/var/lib/pulp/published/yum/https/repos/OG/content_views/DEPLOYCV/58.0/content/dist/rhel8/8/x86_64/appstream/os# grep -RHn “redhat-lsb-core” .
./repodata/48c64a83c9e5de20da56855d1759916ffe6b37c87060ba32f501c04c999a6898-comps.xml:2821: redhat-lsb-core

Do you think, it’s possible you hit the symlink limit for your filesystem?

Not from the OS level at lest. We are able to create symlinks manually or publish new versions for content views under /var/lib/pulp.