Pulp Node has empty /var/lib/pulp/nodes/published/https

I have not been able to find anything similar to this on mailing list
archive. Hopefully someone can assist.

I have created a capsule with the pulp node feature enabled. I have been
able to successfully run 'hammer capsule content synchronize --id 2' I see
my content in '/var/lib/pulp/published/yum' so I thought everything was
good. However when I registered a system with a baseurl pointing to my
capsule I found that '/var/www/pulp/nodes/https/' is a symlink to
'/var/lib/pulp/nodes/published/https' which is empty resulting in 404s. My
primary capsule has everything in '/var/lib/pulp/nodes/published/https' so
what am I missing here? I can not seem to find errors relating to this as I
said syncs complete successfully so I am confused.

Thank You in advance for the assistance. Happy to provide any additional
information if requested.