Pulpcore 3.16 repo issue


Trying to sync Index of /pulpcore/3.16/el8/x86_64 fails quickly…

null value in column “context” violates not-null constraint
DETAIL: Failing row contains (ee41473a-dc09-4ca9-9203-6f3dcf411674, pulpcore, el8, 31620220309215204, null, x86_64, [{“platform”: [“el8”], “python38”: [“3.8”]}], [“ansible-lint-0:5.0.8-3.el8.noarch”, "createrepo_c-0:0.17.7-4.1…, f).

Trying the same for Index of /pulpcore/3.17/el8/x86_64 appears to be working fine

Is there an issue with the repo content in the 3.16 version?

Correct, I think the modules.yaml metadata in this repository is wrong, it should have a context set.

To be honest though I’m not sure why the 3.17 repo isn’t unsyncable in the same way - it appears to have the same problem.

Yeah, they should both have the same bug right now.

this should fix it once merged and the repo re-generated using it

thanks for spotting!

Thanks guys, and yes the 3.17 repo had the same problem but it took much longer to fail sync. Appreciate your help.

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the above PR got merged and deployed and 3.16 pulpcore repo was re-published (3.17 not yet)

would you mind kicking off a sync on your side, to see if this fixed things for you?

(3.17 got published with the changes too)

Hi Evgeni,

Completed a sync successfully of the 2.16 repo, thanks again for your help.


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Thanks again for catching this and testing!

Sorry to necro the thread, but I think I’m seeing what looks like the same error in the katello 4.4 repo for at least the last couple of days:

null value in column "context" violates not-null constraint
DETAIL:  Failing row contains (8d8eeeeb-8599-485a-88f6-940a287e25c8, katello, el8, 40420220309174543, null, x86_64, [{"foreman": ["el8"], "pki-core": []}], ["foreman-proxy-content-0:4.4.0-0.3.rc2.el8.noarch", "katello-0:..., f).

@mhjacks that’s absolutely correct.

It will be fixed the next time the 4.4 repo is published, as it’s driven by the same piece of code.

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Hi Evgeni, the sync now works fine. Thanks very much for your help.

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