Pulpcore-3.16-rpm-pipeline 455 failed

Pulpcore 3.16 RPM pipeline failed:


foreman-pipeline-pulpcore-rpm-3.16 (failed) (remote job)

Maybe this is actually a mirror failure? Not the first time I’ve seen it though.

[2022-11-22T21:55:42.399Z] e[0;31mfatal: [n27-33-4.pool.ci.centos.org]: FAILED! => {"changed": false, "failures": [], "msg": "Unknown Error occurred: systemd(x86-64) = 239-67.el8 is needed by systemd-container-239-67.el8.x86_64", "rc": 1, "results": []}e[0m

Yesterday, ci.centos.org pushed out a change how systems keep themself uptodate (they used to run a dnf upgrade -y in the background on boot, now they don’t), so this might have “fixed” it too.

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