Puppet 3.2 : ENC overrides environment in puppet.conf / howto force environment

> Hi,
> we recently upgraded from 2.7 to 3.2. We do not use ENC but use the
> node.rb for uploading the reports to foreman. However, the 3.2
> puppetmaster overrides the environment that's been set in the
> puppet.conf. Is there a way to turn this off ?

In Foreman, you can disable the "enc_environment" setting under
>Settings, which stops it supplying the environment in the ENC YAML
output. This way, the agent should be authoritative.

> Related: ENC can override the puppet.conf, can the site.pp do this too ?
> Can I set an entry to force an agent to be in a particular environment,
> whatever is in the puppet.conf ?

I don't think so, it'd be too late since site.pp is per-environment.

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