Puppet classes not populating to stand alone puppet server

I have a new Foreman instance that I am trying to use with a stand alone puppet server. When I create a new host using the standalone as the puppet server and assign a class to the node it does not receive the class.

The puppet agent run completes without error or notification although there are notifications in the role. It is simply running a default catalog with no role.

Somewhere the assigned class is becoming lost between the foreman instance and the standalone puppet server.

Expected outcome:
puppet agent should run and I should see notifications from the assigned role

Foreman and Proxy versions:
foreman.noarch 2.3.3-1.el8
foreman-proxy.noarch 2.3.3-1.el8

Foreman and Proxy plugin versions:
foreman-plugin.noarch 2.3.3-1.el8

Distribution and version:
RHEL 8.3

Other relevant data:

Puppet version 6.21.1
puppetserver version: 6.15.1

Foreman believes it has set the class

hammer host puppet-classes --host  testprov-efi.rc.int.colorado.edu
ID  | NAME                
378 | curc::roles::grafana

But there is no activity in the foreman-proxy logs on the standalone puppet server when changing the class in the GUI.

The logs on the puppet server show that the node is talking to the right puppet server.

Puppet server is also running on the foreman server with only two nodes ( foreman host and puppet host).

Interesting snippet from /var/log/foreman/production.log

2021-04-06T10:25:23 [I|aud|cb0ebafa] HostClass (18) create event on puppetclass_id 203
2021-04-06T10:25:23 [I|aud|cb0ebafa] HostClass (18) create event on host_id 20
2021-04-06T10:25:24 [I|app|cb0ebafa] Redirected to https://foreman2.rc.int.colorado.edu/hosts/testprov-efi.rc.int.colorado.edu

So I was trying to install foreman-proxy without using the foreman-installer and ended up with this problem. I re-read the docs and reinstalled using the foreman-installer and everything works great.