Puppet master proxy filed mandatory to finish the building of a machine?


Sorry for the double message.

I've resolved the following "problem" :

After adding puppetca and puppet in the smart proxy , you've to set
the value of Puppet Master Proxy in the host definition, if you don't
do that it's not possible to terminate the built

So my question, why is it mandatory to have a Puppet master proxy for
this step, I don't see the utility ?
If it is mandatory can we have a message in the web ui if this
parameter is not filled ?

Logs :

apache log :

"GET /unattended/built HTTP/1.0" 409 348 "-" "Wget/1.12 (linux-gnu)"

foreman log :

Processing UnattendedController#built (for at 2012-01-19
18:03:06) [GET]
Found test.test.net
unattended: test.test.net is Built!
DEPRECATION WARNING* Managing Puppet CA without a smart-proxy will
not be supported in the next release
Failed to set Build on test.test.net: Permission denied - //etc/
Completed in 8ms (View: 0, DB: 1) | 409 Conflict [