Puppet mpdules doesn't appear in the repo after upload it

Hi Everyone

I have some issues with katello 2.3 i'm trying to create a new product and
inside a new repo type puppet without url for sync when i try to upload
the puppet module the puppet module is successfully upload but the repo is
not update before was working fine with katello 2.3 and foreman 1.9.1 but
now is something weird also happen with katello i try to roll back make a
clean install of katello with foreman 1.9.1 and have a bunch of issues but
if i change the foreman repo to the latest 1.9.2 katello installer finish
without issue but still the issue with puppet modules into the products is
not show anything , looking in the production log is looks ok not issues
or error display also i make debug the log same thing nothing tell me
anything is wrong

Anyone have this behavior after upgrade to foreman 1.9.2?