Puppet parameter deprecation

Currently foreman returns a set of 'default' puppet parameters within
the puppet yaml such as:

puppetmaster: ''
domainname: ''
location: Default Location
organization: Default Organization
root_pw: $5$vZKbF4Pf$gvPSJAdCxvNTfhRJk6nYAchh2YzPdVgF8OQR492n4RA
puppet_ca: localhost
foreman_env: adsfadsf
owner_name: Admin User
owner_email: root@example.com
foreman_subnets: []

  • mac: 52:54:00:39:ce:bc
    type: Interface
    name: zzzz.foo.com
    attrs: {}
    virtual: false
    link: true
    identifier: ''
    managed: true
    primary: true
    provision: true

Previously katello was also providing a few such as 'kt_env' and
'kt_cv'. These were used internally by some of the UI and have now been
removed. It turns out a user was using them and so we are adding them
back ideally in a deprecated way and adding long term parameters such as
'lifecycle_environment' and 'content_view'.

Has anyone given any thought to how to expose to the user that these are
deprecated? If foreman were going to change the name (or remove) one of
the attributes how would they convey that to the user? The only thing i
can think of that makes sense is to have the deprecations listed in some
document such as the release notes, or a list of planned deprecations.